Sunday, July 31, 2011

Like a Lion...NOT

Oh yeah, this is one scary cat....or not.  He's a 20 pounder, intimidating size  for sure, but his meow is much like a newborn kitten.  It's a little embarrassing when you see him, this big thing and then he let's out a barely audible 'meow'....

He didn't start out as a chatty guy at all.  But now, he can be demanding of treats and his own GPS (which means if I leave the room when he's sleeping and he wakes to find me NOT there, he'll let out a little meow and like an idiot, I answer.  Okay, Okay, he has ME trained, but come on, that face?!?!?  Can't be avoided!!!

1 comment:

  1. You mean like EVERY time you get up from the couch he thinks it means a treat? Or heaven forbid you go to the kitchen! My favorite part is when he bumps your hand to thank you after you put the treat in his dish!