Saturday, July 9, 2011

Let me explain this blogspot

This is a blog about a handsome cat named Bunny.

I'm told his story starts with being thrown away.

Years ago, 7 to be precise, this guy was thrown away and found at a campground.  He found himself trying to enter a feral cat colony, in hopes of being able to eat.  Somebody found that he was in fact, not feral and injured from being in a fight.  During this fight, he received a deep, penetrating, intra-muscular bite.  He was then officially infected with the FIV virus.  Feline AIDS.

Marley's Cat Tales took this handsome fellow into their program and got him healthy, neutered and well fed.  So, one day, strolling through PetSmart, I see that face.  I just lost my kitty of 19 years about 4 months earlier.  I went to PetSmart to just take a look, not knowing my heart would soon be stolen.

He was first named Mr. Big.  For anybody having seen Sex in the City, you know who Mr. Big is.  Handsome and the ladies love him.  Well, Mr. Big came into my arms, started purring and then fell asleep.  Oh yeah, he was mine at that moment.

Filled out an application after asking endless questions about FIV.  The Marley's Cat Tales website has all the answers.  The following weekend, I was driving my furry boy home.

I must say this: Marley's goes to great pains to tell you all about FIV.  These wonderful creatures deserve a chance.  FIV is NOT a death sentence.  Keep them healthy, well fed with good nutrtion, indoors and regular vetting and they have a normal life span.  These are NOT throw away animals!!

Please visit their website!!

So, trail and error, I realized he did not answer to Mr. Big, but the B sound was the thing.  He hops like a bunny, so you can see where I went from there!!

What are the downsides?  He takes up most of the bed.  He snores.  He burps and at times, he likes to help me type.  He's HUGE!  A Maine Coon.  VERY dog like.  Follows me around all the time, 'barks' at the squirrels in our backyard, plays with dog sized toys (cat sized toys are too small).  However, I would think not many people would consider any of those things downsides.  He is in a word, the best!

So this blog shall chronicle the life and times of this cat, this huge, furry, handsome cat/dog!  I hope you enjoy hopping over to Bunny's Blog!!


  1. He is the most handsome boy ever!!!!!!! I love that you have his story out there. He is so amazing!

  2. What a wonderful story!! and he is ever so handsome!! I can see why you fell in love!