Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Here comes the holidays!

Just a note as the holiday season approaches.
If you have in mind to get yourself or your children a pet for Christmas, please consider three things:

First, a new pet is not a toy and not to be thrown away once the newness has worn off.  It's a lifelong committment and not to be taken lightly.

Second, don't buy, adopt.  Your best friend waits for you at a shelter or foster or rescue group.  Give THEM a great Christmas and give them a furever home rather than buy yourself a designer pet.  Think about it, an adopted pet is designed JUST FOR YOU.

Third, don't shy away from a pet with special needs.  They need love and a furever home too.  Most special needs animals require little extra care, so consider those pets that need a little extra special human!!

An adopted pet will always be your sunshine! (notice the exact position my cat/dog is in!)

Thanks and have a great holiday season!!

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